Every Nuvita product benefits of a warranty of 24 months months on material and manufacturing defects, starting from the date of purchase (see sales slip). The warranty of 24 months does not include damages caused by the usual use of parties identified as “consumable” (e.g., batteries, brush heads or parts subject to use).


The legal guarantee of 24 months is void if:

  1. The product has undergone aesthetic damage due to improper use not in accordance with instructions in the manual.
  2. This product has been modified and / or tampered with.
  3. The cause of the failure was due to poor maintenance of the individual components and / or accessories and / or supplies (e.g. oxidation and / or scaling due to the retention of water or other liquids, sediment blocking the sensor, leak of corrosive liquid from batteries.)


The following is excluded from the legal guarantee of 24 months:

  1. Costs related to replacements and / or repair of parts subject to wear or costs for ordinary maintenance of the product.
  2. The costs and risks involved in transporting the product to and from the store where you purchased or to and from authorised collection centre.
  3. Damage caused by or resulting from improper installation or improper use not in accordance with the directions in the instruction manual.
  4. Damage due to natural disasters, accidental events or adverse conditions not compatible with the product.
  5. Defects that have a negligible effect on product performance.

The manufacturer, distributor and all the parties involved in the sale do not assume any liability for losses and economic damage from any malfunction of the product. In accordance with current regulations the manufacturer, distributor and all the parties involved in the sale are not responding in any case for damages, including direct, indirect ones, loss of net income, loss of savings and additional damage and other details consequences going beyond the damage caused by the breach of warranty, contract, strict liability, wrongdoing or due to other causes, resulting from the use or inability to use the product and / or paper and electronic documents, including the lack of service.