Frequently Asked Questions

A practical accessory that accompanies children from when they start to sit by themselves, to when they leave the diaper until when they start to wash their hands as adults. Pipu Oplà is comfortable with its bar that helps the child to sit more easily on the potty and, with growth, the top becomes a toilet reducer. The base becomes a comfortable stool to help children reach the sink. Comfortable, useful and multi-use!

Nuvita Baby monitors are not only capable of letting the parent control and check on the baby while sleeping, but, through the function Talk&Listen, they will also allow to talk to and calm the baby down. Hearing a parent’s voice will immediately reassure the baby even without them being there.

No!  Flavorillo by Nuvita, besides helping the baby getting used to new flavours and tastes, will relieve the baby’s gums from the pain caused by teething. It will be enough to fill it with ice or small pieces of frozen fruit to give immediate relief to the swollen gums.
After the fifth month of pregnancy, it can be difficult to find the right position to rest peacefully and sleep well. Dreamgenii by Nuvita is the only pregnancy and breastfeeding pillow with back support with patented design, specifically created to increase the quality of the rest and sleep. Helps sleeping on the left side, which is the best position for both the mum and the baby, increasing the blood flow. It stimulates the baby to adopt the correct position for a quick and less painful birth. When the baby is born, Dremgenii by Nuvita can be used also for breastfeeding.
For every baby, having a toy with the mother’s scent will help it sleep peacefully, plus aiding and comforting after a cry or facing something that scary. Many experts advise mothers to keep a soft toy with them while sleeping in the last period of pregnancy. This will allow the toy to smell like the baby’s mother and will be an important help not only in the first hours but also during the following months. To do so, Dudini are perfect: they will calm and reassure the baby, while preventing him/her from entering in contact with germs and bacteria.
Caldobimbo footmuffs by Nuvita are created and built with great care for the quality of materials, the technical details and the fashion and color trends. Caldobimbo 3 Stagioni has been created thinking about the need of protecting the baby not only during winter but also during the fresh months of spring and autumn. It is a versatile model composed of 2 sacks that can be used together or individually depending on the external temperature. An all-in-one product that can be used throughout the whole year!
Growing up, the baby becomes more and more curious and starts looking for new things around the house, some of which might be dangerous for a small baby like doors, cabinets and closets. For this reason, Nuvita developed a specific product line to protect the baby from the many dangers that are hidden around a house: door finger guard by Nuvita will prevent doors from closing suddenly, avoiding the baby to hurt the little fingers, while the cabinet lock will not allow the baby to open cabinets, preventing him or her from entering in contact with dangerous objects. Incredibly safe are the plug covers that will isolate plugs and will not allow the baby to insert in the plug objects or even the small fingers.