1485 – Baby bottle cleaning set

1485 - Baby bottle brush and mini-brush and Clamp

Baby bottle brush set

Cleaning set for bottles and pacifiers include – bottle brush, nipple brush for pacifiers, a sponge and a clamp to take items out from the steriliser more easily.

How to use

The bottle brush has flexible bristles and sponge tip for scrubbing inside of the bottle or reaching hard-to-clean spaces. It is excellent for cleaning baby bottles, pacifiers and all the items used by the baby. A nipple brush is conveniently stored in the handle to clean pacifiers and small feeding accessories. The clamp can be used to hygienically take the items out from the steriliser or hot water without touching them with bare hands. Its ergonomic shape also allows the safe handling of bottles and small glass jars.

Technical Features

  • Dishwasher washable

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