3015 Mat – Baby Breathing Mat

3015 Mat – Baby Breathing Mat

Child safety, especially during the hours of sleep and especially in the first months of life is essential for every parent.

Today Nuvita is able to offer a solution that allows to constantly monitor the baby during sleep, without disturbing it and with the least impact of electromagnetic waves, thanks to the TULE technology.

The breathing sensor complete the functions of the top model of the new line of baby monitors, the 3015. It connect easily by wirelessly to the baby unit and allows to monitor the respiratory rhythm of the baby during sleep.

In the event that the sensor does not detect any breathing rhythm for more than 20 seconds, an audible and luminous alarm is immediately sent to the parent unit, allowing it to intervene and verify the situation promptly.

To guarantee perfect functioning, the parent unit receives a warning if the device is inactive or out of reach (10 meters from the child unit).

Key Features

  • Operated with TULE technology in combination with the baby monitor 3015.
  • Wireless connection to the baby unit.
  • Monitor the respiratory rhythm of the child.
  • Sound and light alarm on the parent unit.
  • Low battery and out of reach alarm.
  • Battery life up to 50 days.

Tule Technology

It is now well known and proven that electromagnetic (EM) waves emitted from electronic and electrical products can lead to serious health risks, in case of prolonged exposure.

To ensure the highest level of safety for its users, both children and parents, Nuvita is committed to the continuous search for solutions that can safeguard their health.

With this goal Nuvita has developed the TULE Green technology that allows to maintain low levels of emission of electromagnetic waves even when we use devices such as wireless baby monitors.

Studies conducted in laboratory have shown that the Nuvita TULE technology drastically reduces the electromagnetic waves measured with different parameters, for example Maximum emission power, Electric field power and Standby emission.

How doest it work ?

The new baby monitors equipped with TULE technology automatically select the free available channel during communication in order to avoid interference from other electronic devices and use single power for data transmission.

The TULE technology also detects the signal strength between the child unit and the parent unit and automatically reduces it when the two units are in close proximity.

This power optimization ensures that the radiation level of the devices is always at the minimum level.

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Emission Power Comparison:

Emission Power TULE Technology DECT 2,4GHz solution
Maximum Emission Power 20mW 250mW 50mW
Electric Field Strenght

(measured at 1m distance from baby unit)

5,8V/m 14,4V/m 6,8V/m
Electric Field Strenght

(measured at 1m distance from parents unit)

0,062V/m 0,9V/m 1,5V/m
Range > 2 times distance -300m -300m
Standby Emission Zero 250mW zero