1082 – Compact Steam Steriliser

1082 - Compact Steam Steriliser

Compact Steam Steriliser

Sterilises baby bottles, pacifiers, teats, rings and breast pump accessories in a completely natural way. Contains 5 standard bottles & 4 wide. It has 2 interchangeable racks. One for wide neck bottles and another for standard bottles. Feeding accessories are placed on the top tray.

The sterilisation cycle is short and intense: 4 to 8 minutes. Depending on the amount of water and the number of objects inside. It has steam at 100°C for elimination of germs and other bacteria.

Technical Features

  • Separate areas for bottle and teats.
  • Short sterilisation cycle of 4-8 minutes.
  • Contains 5 standard bottles and 4 wide.

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