1300 – Digital Baby Scale | Primi Pesi®

1300 - Digital Baby Scale | Primi Pesi®

Digital Baby Scale

Digital scale with high precision division in 5 gr. Ideal in precisely controlling weight of the baby during the first phase of growth. Useful during the first months of baby’s life when it is important to know the precise amount of milk consumed by the newborn during breast-feeding.

How to use

The digital scale Primi Pesi by Nuvita weights up to 18kg with 5 grams division. The double-scale mode will allow measuring the exact breast milk quantity ingested by the baby in an easy way. The weight-block mode will permit a rapid and precise measurement, even when the baby is moving. Primi Pesi has a height meter to measure the baby’s height.

Technical Features

  • Max weight 18kg
  • 5gr division
  • Meter to measure height
  • Tare mode
  • Double-weight mode
  • Weight-block mode
  • Back-light LCD screen

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