1170 – Digital Bottle Warmer

1170 – Digital Bottle Warmer

Nuvita’s new 1170 digital bottle warmer is the top of the range of Nuvita’s new line of bottle warmers. Designed to be a technologically advanced product but at the same time simple and practical, it has a LED screen and buttons for selecting and calibrating the selected programs. Each program is easily recognizable directly on the screen, thanks to the practical icons that appear and that clearly recall the chosen function.

Key Features

  • Ultra-fast heating function in just 1’15 “minutes.
  • LED screen with programmable timer
  • Defrost and gradually warm up to preserve the nutrients of milk.
  • Automatic temperature maintenance function.
  • Sterilizer function.
  • Automatic safety shut-off function.
  • Suitable for baby bottles and jars.
  • External case in ABS material.

The new 1170 is equipped with 4 programs + sterilization function:

Bottle Warmer Program

Allows to select the ideal heating time using the timer, based on the tables indicated in the manual, to achieve a perfect gradual heating of the mother’s milk, thus preventing the risk of alteration of nutrients.

Ultra Fast Heating Program

Ideal for quickly warming breast milk in just 1.15 minutes. (* considering 60ml of milk at a temperature of 20 ° C in a Nuvita Mimic bottle)

Food Warmer Program

Allows to heat baby’s first baby food, like homogenized, directly in the jars, setting the time directly from the timer.

”Gentle Defrost” Program

Allows to defrost mother’s milk gradually without the risk of altering its nutritional properties.

Sterilization Program

With the use of the special cover, included, the 1170 bottle warmer can be used also as sterilizer, reaching a temperature of 100°C.

Additional Features of the Programs

At the end of each program cycle, the 1170 emits a sound that alerts the parents.

The 1170 is also equipped with functions that allow greater flexibility and security to the parents:

  • Automatic temperature maintenance function allows, thanks to a sensor, to record changes in temperature at the end of bottle heating, if it is left inside. If the temperature changes to -3°C compared to the ideal heating point of 37°C, the bottle warmer automatically restarts bringing the temperature back to the optimum 37°C.
  • Bottle warmer function with automatic temperature maintenance.
  • Sterilization function with programmable automatic switch-off.
  • Programmable timer function – Ideal especially during night hours, allows to set a countdown in advance after which 1170 is activated. Selected and set previously, allows the parents to find the milk ready for night feeding.
  • To ensure maximum safety, all functions automatically shut off if the water inside finishes.

External case in ABS, for a high quality of product. It allows greater resistance to both wear and high temperatures, enhancing the final appearance of the product.

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