Dudini Spiral Activity Toy – 6402/6432/6422

Dudini Spiral Activity Toy - 6402/6432/6422


Always 100% hygienic.

Dudini are the safest and healthiest of baby companions. Alos, they are the only ones in the world to be made with natural antibacterial fabric treated with phytoncide, which is extracted from the Hinoki cypress tree. Furthermore, phytoncide has been scientifically proven to be effective in eliminating germs and bacteria. Totally safe to cuddled since they do not harbor any germs and bacteria. Finally, calming and relaxing effect will gently put your child to sleep.

Antibacterial Fabric

The only made of antibacterial fabric treated with natural plant extract. Also, the only that hygienically retains the mother’s scent. Baby companion that is safe and hygienic. Also, cute and is internationally certified and compliant with EU safety standards. Furthermore, high quality of the Dudini remains unchanged through time. Also, natural anti-bacterial properties do not vanish even after numerous washes.

Certified as safe toy (EN71 compliant). Machine washable.


  • Firstly, entertains the child by promoting sensory development by stimulating sight, touch, smell and hearing. Also, the special spiral shape allows for more versatile use. Also, enabling it to be easily wrapped around the cot, the car baby-seat, game bouncer, the highchair and the stroller handrail.
  • Velcro clasps allows it to be easily applied and removed.

Technical Features

Why are Dudini so innovative and different from all the other soft toys?

  • 1. Dudini are the one and only soft toy with an antibacterial and natural fabric.
  • 2. Dudini are the only ones that are always 100% hygienic and healthy as they do not carry any germ or bacterium.
  • 3. Dudini retain mom’ scent, reassuring and calming down the baby.
  • 4. Dudini comply with all the European safety norms.
  • 5. Dudini are certified by a globally recognized institution.
  • 6. Dudini can be washed in the washing machine without losing their antibacterial properties, even after many washings.

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