1412 – Flavorillo® Ring Nutritional Feeder

1412 - Flavorillo® Ring Nutritional Feeder

Nutritional Feeder

An indispensable accessory that helps to wean the baby naturally and safely while getting used to new flavours and different textures of solid foods. For any food: fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, bread, and biscuits. Either just cut or dice food into small pieces and place in the retina. The child eats from it without the risk of suffocation by ingesting pieces that are too big because of nylon net.

How to use

Flavorillo helps to wean naturally and safely by getting the baby used to new flavours and different consistencies of solid foods. You can use for any solid food like fruit, vegetables, meat and fish, bread, biscuits.

All one needs to do is chop the food into pieces and put it in the net. The baby will then be able to eat on his or her own without danger of suffocation. During the teething period, you can use Flavorillo with ice or pieces of frozen fruit to relief gum pain. It is hygienic and safe as the net is nylon and the lock is a screw-on.


Changeable nets available in 3 pieces per box.

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