1160 – Home & Car Bottle Warmer

1160 - Home & Car Bottle Warmer

Home & Car Bottle Warmer

Practical bottle warmer for both home and car use with dual power supply. The only one to use dry heating during car mode.

How to use

It is suitable for all types and sizes of bottles up to 8.4cm in diameter. The only bottle warmer that uses a dry heating function for in-car use and thus does not require a single drop of water. The only bottle warmer with home and car wires that can detach separately for a more comfortable use. The only bottle warmer with a stainless steel container that protects the heating elements from limestone scaling. Keeps the baby bottle at a constant temperature and includes 1 container with lid for feeding. Use at home: warm water in a “bain-marie” and is therefore suitable to defrost and heat the milk (breast milk to preserving the nutrients must be heated only in a bain-marie).

Technical Features

  • Bottle warmer for home and on the go
  • Home: it heats up with water, ideal for warming up breast milk
  • Stainless steel case for protecting resistances from limestone
  • Adjustable temperature
  • Detachable cables
  • Power: home 80W, car 30W
  • Car power supply 12V
  • 1 case for food with cover included

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