1085 – Microwave Sterilizer

1085 - Microwave Sterilizer

Microwave Sterilizer

A sterilizer for microwave ovens, it is compact and lightweight and suitable for both home and on the go. The handles and the side clip lock offer greater safety during use and when being removed from the microwave oven. The contents remain sterile for 24 hours if the lid is left closed.

How to use

Add 80 ml water inside steriliser. Place all the cleaned and washed accessories inside the steriliser.

Sterilising time:

  • for microwave ovens between 800-1100 Watt power, set time to 4 minutes
  • for microwave ovens over 1850 Watt and over, set time to 2 minutes

Technical Features

  • Suitable for small microwaves
  • Anti burn Safe handling’s
  • It can contain up to 3 wide neck bottles with items
  • Eliminates germs and bacteria naturally without chemical residuals, smells or tastes

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