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Breathable and hypoallergenic 3D pillow - 6501/ 6502

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  • Breathable and hypoallergenic pillow with honeycomb fabric.
  • Made of 100% polyester with silicone fibre inside.
  • Helps prevent S.I.D.S. (cot death syndrome), Plagiocephaly and Brachycephaly (flat head).
  • Three-dimensional structure that promotes air circulation.
  • Ideal product for cradle, pram and cot.
  • Suitable for direct skin contact, without the use of pillowcases.
  • Machine washable.

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Fully breathable and hypoallergenic, the 3D pillow helps prevent SIDS (cot death syndrome), Plagiocephaly, and Brachycephaly (flat head).

The special honeycomb fabric and the three-dimensional structure of the pillow promote constant air circulation, increasing the level of safety during sleep compared to other pillows.

It does not retain liquids as they pass quickly downwards and is useful in case of child's regurgitation to avoid dangerous stagnation near the mouth or nose during sleep.

Its special conformation favors the regular development of the skull and is indicated as a prevention for Plagiocephaly and Brachycephaly.

It also supports the neck and shoulders for proper back and spine position.

You don't need to use a pillowcase; the pillow is hypoallergenic and suitable for direct contact with the delicate skin of the child who can benefit from resting on a surface that is always dry and cool even on the hottest days.

The Aria 3D cushion is available for cradle/pram and cot.

The innovative special 3D spacer mesh honeycomb fabric, composed of 94% air, thanks to its three-dimensionality:

  • Ensures a constant exchange of air and promotes very high breathability
  • Avoid the formation of humidity by keeping the child in contact with a surface that is always dry
  • It is effective in reducing hyperthermia problems.

Its particular composition makes it an exceptional antimicrobial, anti-allergic and anti-mite agent and is therefore indicated in combating the risks of allergies.


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