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Changes in sleep in children aged 0-5 years. The causes of awakenings and solutions for teaching good sleep

Sleep is crucial for the growth and development of the child, both during pregnancy and later in the first years of life. Although the fetus sleeps a lot, sleep needs and patterns change dramatically after birth.

In particular, the main variations in sleep occur with a variation in the natural circadian rhythm of sleep-wake and dream activity. 

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Christmas gift ideas 2023: guide to choosing original and useful Christmas gifts

Christmas is approaching and the annual gift rush begins! Finding the perfect gift for the people we love can be stressful, but with a little creativity and planning you can find meaningful and affordable gifts. Here are some Christmas gift ideas that can inspire and help you in your search for a Christmas gift idea Perfect; suggestions suitable for all budgets, original and non-trivial, which convey affection to loved ones. We hope that these ideas can be of help and inspiration to you and... happy searching for the perfect Christmas gift idea!

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Rest during pregnancy: 7 reasons to choose the left side

Among the advice from gynecology and obstetrics experts to be adopted during the pregnancy period , learning to sleep on the left side is certainly one of the most useful. This position, in fact, brings numerous benefits to both the future mother and the baby: first of all, better blood circulation for both, with all the consequent benefits, but not only that.
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Baby colic and some tips for managing crying spells

During the first 3 months of the baby's life it may happen that at particular moments the newborn begins to cry desperately without any apparent reason or reason, with inconsolable crying that sometimes tends to last up to 3 consecutive hours. A situation that exhausts and exhausts the little one and worries the parents, burdening them with tension. It happens more often in the late afternoon than in the morning and it is one of the frequent disorders of the newborn: the "infamous" neonatal colic or gas colic.
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