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Protecting your health in summer: risks and natural remedies against insect bites

Summer brings with it the pleasure of long days outdoors, but also the annoyance of insect bites such as mosquitoes, parrots, ants and other insects. These little 'bites' can pose a particular risk to children, pregnant women and the elderly.
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The importance of weight control during pregnancy: strategies for the well-being of mother and child

During the nine months of gestation, the baby is completely dependent on the mother for nourishment and development. The quality of maternal nutrition not only influences the growth of the fetus, but also the quality of breast milk, essential in the first months of the newborn's life and also precious for his future health as an adult.
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How to prepare, store and heat milk when you are away from home

Feeding a child in the first months of life is one of the most delicate and fundamental aspects of infant care, and as long as you are in the privacy of your own home with all the comforts everything is simpler. It is different if you find yourself traveling by car, train or plane, or decide to spend a carefree day away from home with a child of breastfeeding age.
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10 mistakes to avoid when preparing a bottle of breast milk or formula

The preparation of milk for the baby, whether it is breast milk or formula, plays a crucial role in his growth and well-being, but some common mistakes can compromise the quality of the little one's nutrition.
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