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Milk stasis during the first months of breastfeeding and 8 tips to avoid engorgement or mastitis

Milk stasis during the first few months of breastfeeding can lead to engorgement or mastitis. To avoid this problem, eight tips are recommended, including breastfeeding frequently, emptying the breast completely, and using effective nursing positions. It's important to monitor for signs of milk stasis and seek the help of a lactation consultant if you have any problems.
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A safe and welcoming home for the whole family

Home is the place where we feel free, happy and safe from the outside world and it is no coincidence that returning from a trip or returning in the evening, the moment in which we enter and close the door behind us becomes a special moment and magical that one feels only in finding one's own spaces and objects.
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Children's psychophysical development in summer

Summer is the ideal season for a child's psycho-physical development. The training of the 5 senses and the slow time that helps growth. The month of June ushers in summer, the season of sunshine, warmth, for many the season of holidays and life that seems lighter for all these reasons.
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Back pain in pregnancy

In the common imagination when we think of a pregnant woman, an expectant mother, we often associate the thought with the female figure with her pelvis shifted forward, her belly prominent and her hands resting on her lower back as an aid to her back.
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