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Ultra-fast bottle warmer and steriliser - 1170

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  • Ultra-fast and programmable, heats and defrosts gradually and evenly.
  • Ultra-fast heating programme, ideal for formula and baby food, heats up quickly in just 1 minute and 15 seconds.
  • Gradual heating programme, defrosts and heats breast milk without overheating it, preserving its nutrients.
  • Sterilises at 100°C, eliminating 99.9% of germs and bacteria.
  • 4 programmes and programmable timer up to 12 hours.
  • Automatic temperature maintenance function, ideal for night feedings.
  • Easy-to-read backlit screen 4 programmes and programmable timer up to 12 hours.
  • Automatic temperature maintenance function, ideal for night feeds.Easy-to-read backlit screen.
  • Automatic safety switch-off.
  • Suitable for all bottle and jar models.
  • Compatible with all bottles and jars with a diameter of 7 cm or less.

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The Nuvita 1170 digital bottle warmer is the most advanced model in its category and with the special lid supplied, it also becomes a steriliser.

Ultra-fast and programmable, the bottle warmer and sterilizer heats and defrosts gradually and is suitable for all models of bottles and jars.

It has 4 different heating/defrosting programs and 1 sterilization program that can be set with a programmable timer up to 12 hours.

4 programs dedicated to breast milk, artificial milk or formula, baby food:

  • "Delicate Defrost" program: allows you to defrost breast milk and baby food gradually to keep the nutrients unchanged.
  • "Heating" program: it is suitable for breast milk, baby food and baby food, even directly in the jars.
  • "Ultra Fast Heating" program: to quickly heat infant formula and baby food in just 1 minute and 15 seconds, the fastest heating time among digital bottle warmers on the market.
  • Sterilization program : reaching the temperature of 100°C thanks to the special lid included, with the Nuvita 1170 bottle warmer it is possible to sterilize bottles, teats, teethers and soothers. You won't need to buy multiple separate appliances, thus saving space, time and money.

Our digital bottle warmer maintains the temperature automatically, a very useful feature especially for night feedings because it allows you to always have the bottle ready at the right temperature when the baby wakes up and cries hungry.

With the backlit LCD screen and clear icons, you can easily select the programs you want, even at night.

The 2 in 1 bottle warmer and sterilizer, made of quality ABS material, is durable and maintains its characteristics, including aesthetics, unchanged over time.

Domande frequenti

Quali sono i programmi disponibili per lo scaldabiberon Nuvita 1170?

EPS balls provide coolness, breathability, are hypoallergenic and conform to the shape of the body while all other materials are softer and therefore do not provide concrete support nor all the characteristics of EPS.

Come funziona il programma di sterilizzazione dello scaldabiberon Nuvita 1170?

Lo scaldabiberon Nuvita 1170 è dotato di un programma di sterilizzazione. Utilizzando l'apposito coperchio incluso, raggiunge la temperatura di 100°C per sterilizzare biberon, tettarelle, massaggiagengive e succhietti. Questa funzione permette di risparmiare spazio, tempo e denaro, evitando l'acquisto di dispositivi separati per la sterilizzazione.

Lo scaldabiberon Nuvita 1170 è compatibile con tutti i tipi di biberon e vasetti?

Sì, lo scaldabiberon Nuvita 1170 è compatibile con tutti i modelli di biberon e vasetti. Puoi utilizzarlo per riscaldare e scongelare biberon di diverse dimensioni e anche per riscaldare omogeneizzati e pappe direttamente nei vasetti.

È facile selezionare i programmi desiderati sullo schermo LCD retroilluminato dello scaldabiberon Nuvita 1170?

Sì, lo schermo LCD retroilluminato e le icone chiare dello scaldabiberon Nuvita 1170 rendono facile la selezione dei programmi desiderati. Anche durante la notte, è possibile identificare e selezionare i programmi necessari senza problemi.


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