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Gum massager 2 months + - 7003

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  • Made of soft rubber, suitable for the first teething period.
  • Large massaging surface with 3D reliefs, ideal for relieving inflamed gums and gently stimulating them.
  • Its elongated shape also allows you to massage the gums at the molars.
  • The ring is an additional surface with irregular reliefs to be bitten with satisfaction.

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How does the gum massager help to provide relief during teething?

The large massaging surface with 3D relief of the teething massager offers a pleasant sensation of relief to inflamed gums during the teething period. Biting and gently massaging the gums can help reduce the discomfort associated with growing teeth.

What material is the Nuvita 7003 Gum Massager made of?

The gum massager is made of high-quality soft rubber, which makes it safe and pleasant for the child to bite. It is specially designed to be gentle on the sensitive gums of babies and children.

How do I clean the gum massager?

The Nuvita Gum Massager 7003 is easy to clean. You can wash it with mild soap and water or use the natural, gentle Dew sanitiser to keep it hygienic for your baby.


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