Silicone Soothers Orthosoft Light - Nuvita Baby

Silicone soothers with orthodontic teat - Orthosoft Light

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  • Ultra-soft and delicate: suitable for the first few months of life when babies sleep longer.
  • 100% premium quality silicone: hygienic, hypoallergenic and crushproof.
  • SKIN-LIKE" finish: the teat is soft and velvety like the mother's nipple.
  • Orthodontic nipple: its shape does not interfere with the natural development of the palate.
  • Side ventilation holes for increased ventilation around the mouth and improved breathing.
  • 2-compartment sterilising SteriCase: for storing and sterilising soothers in the microwave and keeping them clean and hygienic.

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What are the benefits of Nuvita's Orthosoft Light silicone dummies for babies?

Nuvita's Orthosoft Light silicone soothers offer several advantages for babies. They are made of 100% soft and hypoallergenic silicone, which ensures comfortable contact with the delicate skin. The orthodontic teat encourages the natural development of the mouth and teeth, preventing possible future damage to the palate. In addition, the slim base and orthodontic shape allow for proper tongue function and help evenly distribute pressure on the palate.

Can I sterilise Orthosoft Light silicone soothers without the risk of altering or deforming them?

Yes, Nuvita's Orthosoft Light silicone soothers can be sterilised in complete safety. They are made of superior quality silicone that retains its shape and integrity even during sterilisation.

What are the orthodontic features of the Orthosoft Light teat of Nuvita's Orthosoft Light dummies?

The teat of Nuvita's Orthosoft Light dummies has an orthodontic shape that encourages the natural development of the mouth and teeth. Its slim base allows the tongue to function properly, stimulates the oral musculature and prevents loss of the dummy during use. The thin shape of the teat leaves enough space for the tongue to assume its natural position and the side curvature helps to distribute pressure evenly over the palate for proper development.

How do Nuvita's Orthosoft Light silicone dummies promote breathing and peaceful sleep?

Nuvita's Orthosoft Light silicone soothers are designed to promote good breathing and peaceful sleep. Side ventilation holes allow air to pass through, keeping the area around the mouth dry and preventing saliva irritation. Good breathing is important to improve sleep quality and reduce irritability in the baby, contributing to a restorative sleep.


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