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Pregnancy Pillow 12 in 1 - Dreamwizard 7100

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  • The only one with adjustable back support.
  • 12 functions in one pillow.
  • Helps to sleep on the left side, the position recommended by doctors.
  • Facilitates sleep and prevents back pain.
  • Can also be used after pregnancy.
  • Practical and quick to wash thanks to the removable cover.
  • Class 1 CE Medical Device.

Included with every purchase is the Mum Starter-kit: 1 AIR. 55 pacifier, 1 soft Orthosoft pacifier, 1 Nuvita anti-colic bottle and 4 disposable breast pads.


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DreamWizard is the first and only pillow specifically designed for pregnancy with adjustable back support. Helps you sleep on your left side, the position recommended by doctors to promote blood circulation and your and your baby's well-being. Facilitates sleep, relieves tension and musculoskeletal contractures and prevents back pain.

The support is adjustable according to the height and the state of gestation, so that it can always be positioned at the right height of the lower back and feel its comfort and benefit, ideal for facilitating sleep, relieving tension and muscle contractures -skeletal and prevent back pain.

If you change position on your right side during sleep, the adjustable support becomes a comfortable support for your stomach; moreover, it is removable and can be removed in case you want to use DreamWizard as a simple crescent-shaped cushion.

The special padding in EPS microspheres (sintered expanded polystyrene), composed of 98% air, allows the pillow to adapt to your body for personalized support based on your needs and maximum comfort. Fresh, hypoallergenic and anti-mite, DreamWizard is machine washable and dries quickly.

After pregnancy, by simply removing the back support, DreamWizard becomes a practical breastfeeding pillow.

When breastfeeding, its particular padding allows you to adjust the right distance between the baby and the breast to your liking and needs so that you can breastfeed in a comfortable and relaxed way and your baby can breastfeed effortlessly.

The two ends of the cushion have been designed to be tied together with a simple knot and transform DreamWizard into a comfortable nest for the baby up to 9 months of age, or into a soft cushion for relaxing and playing using the soft pillowcase in chenille sold separately.

After pregnancy, breastfeeding, nest and play/relaxation for the baby, DreamWizard is a versatile pillow for the whole family for the well-being of the neck, feet and legs.

12 functions in 1 cushion:

  1. Pregnancy pillow with adjustable back support.
  2. If the mother turns onto her right side, the support supports the tummy for greater comfort.
  3. Simple pregnancy pillow.
  4. Adjustable nursing pillow.
  5. Pillow for comfortable breastfeeding on the side.
  6. Baby changing mat.
  7. Nest for the baby.
  8. Pillow to help the baby learn to sit up.
  9. Cushion for relaxation and play.
  10. Neck support.
  11. Leg support.
  12. Foot support.

DreamWizard has won many international awards and has various certifications attesting to its effectiveness and superior quality.

  • CE Class 1 Medical Device, recognized by the Ministry of Health.
  • OEKO-TEX certified fabric for the use of materials free of toxic substances.
  • Made in Italy
  • Awarded Best Pregnancy Pillow, Best Maternity Invention and Best Baby Shower Gift.

Using the Dream Wizard pregnancy pillow helps you:

  • Relieve tension in the spine .In this way, even the neck, shoulders and pelvis, free of tension, can be relaxed.

  • Keep the knees apart and the legs apart so that the weight of the leg above does not rest on the leg below.

  • Support the belly and cushion its weight

  • Sleeping on the left side , the best position suggested by specialists because it promotes circulation and better blood oxygenation for you and your baby.

Frequent questions

What is the best pregnancy pillow for sleeping?

There are numerous pillows on the market but the Dreamwizard has been considered by mothers to be the best pregnancy pillow and the best product for pregnancy and maternity.

The only one with adjustable back support according to the height and the month of pregnancy.

Is it better to use bead-filled (EPS) pregnancy pillows or ones with synthetic material?

The EPS spheres guarantee freshness, breathability, are hypoallergenic and adapt to the shape of the body while all the other materials are softer and therefore do not guarantee concrete support or all the characteristics of EPS.

How can I sleep better during pregnancy?

Rest during pregnancy is very important. There are some rules to follow to promote sleep:

    limit or eliminate caffeine-based beverages;
      avoid drinking too much liquid in the evening. Hydrate yourself mainly during the day while drinking less in the evening helps you not to wake up at night to pee.
        eat lightly in the evening;
          take two steps before bedtime;
            the belly certainly does not help to sleep continuously and that is why it is important to use a pregnancy pillow.

            Lie on your left side, place its lower part between your legs and rest your belly on its central part (move the band so that it is positioned at belly level). in this way you will release all tension from your back and help your body find the best sleeping position.

            The tummy support will support you all the time by adapting to different positions.

Can pregnancy pillows be used as nursing pillows?

Not all pregnancy pillows can also be used for breastfeeding. Some, however, like Nuvita Dreamwizard, are specially designed for breastfeeding as well.

Are C-shaped or U-shaped pregnancy pillows better?

Moms largely prefer C-shaped pillows because they're less bulky than U-shaped pillows. Clearly this is a subjective choice.

I am pregnant but have no sleep problems, what are the benefits of using a pregnancy pillow?

Even if you don't have sleep problems during pregnancy, using a pregnancy pillow can still provide you with several benefits. First, these pillows are designed to support the weight of your baby bump, relieving pressure on your back, neck and shoulders. This can help reduce the risk of muscle pain and tension, particularly during the second and third trimesters.

Secondly, pregnancy pillows can help improve blood circulation, as they allow you to maintain a lateral position, which is the recommended position for pregnant women. This position can also help prevent sleep apnea and supine position syndrome, which can occur during pregnancy.

Finally, using a pregnancy pillow can help improve overall sleeping comfort, allowing you to find a more comfortable position and reduce the risk of waking up during the night.

In summary, using a pregnancy pillow can provide several benefits even if you don't have a sleep disorder, improving your posture, blood circulation, and overall sleeping comfort.

How do you use a pregnancy pillow? Can I use it even after the baby is born?

The Dreamwizard pregnancy pillow is a great tool for pregnant women and can also be used after the birth of the baby, as it allows for up to 12 different uses.

It is designed to provide support and comfort to the expectant mother during pregnancy and thanks to its C shape, it wraps around the body to support the tummy, neck and legs.

To use it properly, the pillow should be placed between your legs and under your stomach to relieve pressure on your back and hips. Additionally, it can also be used to support the neck and head during side sleeping.

After baby is born, the pillow can also be used to help support baby while breastfeeding or to provide extra support for the back, hips or legs while mums (or even dads!) settle down. they rest. In addition, the pillow can be used as a support for the baby while learning to sit and for tummy time.

What documentation do I have to present for the deduction of the pregnancy pillow as a medical device?

The Dreamwizard pregnancy pillow is a CE class 1 medical device. In order to take advantage of the tax deduction for medical devices, the following documentation must be presented:

    1. Medical prescription: must be issued by a specialist in gynecology and obstetrics and must detail the prescription of the pregnancy pillow as a medical device.
      2. Tax receipt or invoice for tax deduction: it must be issued by the shop or website where the pregnancy pillow was purchased as a medical device. For purchases on our site, you can ask our customer service by writing to assistance@nuvitababy.com.
        3. Certificate of conformity: must be provided by the manufacturer of the pregnancy pillow as a medical device and must certify that the product complies with the safety and quality requirements established by law. This attestation may also already be included in the invoice, if the reference legislation is indicated.
          4. Expenditure declaration: must be completed by the tax payer and must contain personal data, tax code and VAT number of the shop or website where the pregnancy pillow was purchased as a medical device.

          All these documents must be kept and presented at the time of the tax return, in order to be able to benefit from the tax deduction provided for the pregnancy pillow as a medical device.

          It is important to check for any regulatory changes regarding the tax deduction, as information may change over time.

Can I use the pregnancy pillow also for "tummy time" when the baby is a few months old?

When the baby is a few months old, "tummy time" is an important activity that helps strengthen the muscles of the neck and back.

The Dreamwizard pregnancy and breastfeeding pillow can also be very useful in this phase, as it supports the baby's weight to offer him the right support but is at the same time very soft and comfortable.

Just take the Dreamwizard cushion and position it to form a circle, knotting the ends. By then folding the back support and positioning it in the centre, a soft support is created for your baby.

The same shape is also ideal for putting your baby in a sitting position when he is learning to keep his back upright, as it offers soft support on all sides.

In both cases, however, it is important to always remain close to the child and make sure that there are no objects or materials in the vicinity that could be dangerous.


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