Set of 2 pacifiers in various colors with teat of your choice - Nuvita Baby

Set of 2 soothers with orthodontic or symmetrical teat - Air.55 Explorer

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  • Set consisting of 2 Air. 55 soothers with orthodontic or symmetrical teat to support your baby during his first months of life.
  • With the special shield composed of 55% air that leaves the skin around the mouth free to breathe and avoids possible saliva stagnation.
  • Teat specially designed to encourage the correct development of the mouth by reducing the risk of misalignment of the teeth and damage to the palate.
  • Teat made from hypoallergenic silicone with skin-like finish, making it similar to the mother's nipple.

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What are the advantages of the Nuvita Air.55 pacifiers for my baby?

The Air.55 dummy is lightweight, breathable and offers maximum comfort for your baby. The orthodontic or symmetrical nipple promotes correct mouth development by reducing the risk of misaligned teeth and damage to the palate. In addition, the grid mask facilitates breathing and prevents annoying dummy irritation.

How can I be sure that the teat of the pacifier is suitable for the development of my baby's mouth?

The Air.55 pacifier is available in orthodontic or symmetrical shapes, specially designed to encourage correct mouth development, reducing the risk of tooth misalignment and damage to the palate. The slim shape at the base accommodates the natural closing of the mouth and ensures correct tongue positioning.

What material is Nuvita's Air.55 pacifier made of?

The Air. 55 by Nuvita is made of hypoallergenic 'skin-like' silicone, similar to the mother's nipple, to offer a calming and reassuring effect to your baby.

How can I sanitise the Nuvita Air.55 dummy?

All Air.55 pacifiers are equipped with the practical Stericover protective cap, which keeps the dummy clean. In addition, the dummy can be sterilised in the microwave with only the addition of water.


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