Antibacterial adhesive mat - NuvitaMed 1885

Antibacterial adhesive mat - NuvitaMed 1885

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  • Highly effective antibacterial adhesive mat for removing dust, germs and bacteria from shoe soles.
  • Removes 99.90 % of dust, germs and bacteria.
  • 30 numbered layers so you always know how many layers have already been used.
  • Can be used in medical environments, kitchens, homes, flats, offices, shops and industry.
  • Contains no toxic materials.
  • 10 mats per pack.
  • Size: 60x90 cm.

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Antibacterial adhesive mat to effectively remove 99.90% of dust, germs and bacteria from shoe soles. The ideal solution to ensure maximum hygiene and keep the places clean and decontaminated despite the passage of people.

Technical features:

  • Material: Adhesive polythene
  • Adhesive Strength: Middle-b 300g-350g/25mm
  • Layer thickness: 0.04mm
  • Anti-static value: 10-9/10-11Ω
  • Heat resistance at 70 ̊C ± 3 ̊C / 48Hr
  • Cold resistance at -15 ̊C ± 3 ̊C / 48Hr
  • Certifications: RoHS, ISO9001, antibacterial test report from SGS


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