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Baby grooming kit - 1146

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  • Contains everything you need for the daily care of baby's hygiene and health.
  • Practical beauty case with handle, which can be hung and is convenient both at home and when travelling.
  • The case opens completely and has organised spaces for each accessory so that everything is always at hand.
  • Great gift idea for a baby shower.

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The Nuvita baby grooming kit contains everything necessary for the daily care of the baby's hygiene and health:

  • 1 delicate brush with natural wool bristles, soft and gentle on the skin, perfect for children's first thin hair.
  • 1 comb with an ergonomic shape, follows the natural shape of the head and the rounded tips do not scratch the skin. Ideal in case of cradle cap to gently remove sebum and scales after the oil wrap.
  • 1 pair of scissors with a rounded tip.
  • 1 nail clipper.
  • 4 cardboard files.
  • 1 nasal aspirator equipped with a soft and flexible silicone tip; ideal for cleaning the nose effectively every day without annoying.
The scissors with rounded tip and the nail clipper are made of hypoallergenic and nickel-free material.

The case with the handle is completely made of saffiano-effect eco-leather with transparent details; it has organized spaces for each accessory and opens completely to always have everything at hand. The handle can also be used to hang it for added convenience.

The baby beauty set with its elegant packaging is also a great gift idea for a baby shower.

Frequent asked questions

What does the Nuvita baby grooming kit contain?

The Nuvita baby grooming kit contains several essential accessories for the daily care of baby's hygiene and health, including: a brush with natural wool bristles, a comb with an ergonomic shape and rounded tips, a pair of scissors with rounded tips, a nail clipper, four cardboard files and a nasal aspirator with a soft, flexible silicone tip.

Is it suitable as a baby shower gift?

Yes, Nuvita's baby grooming kit with its elegant case is a great gift idea for a baby shower. It contains essential baby care accessories, making it a practical and thoughtful gift for parents expecting a baby.

How does the nasal aspirator included in the kit work?

The nasal aspirator has a soft and flexible silicone tip, designed to clean baby's nose effectively and gently, without causing discomfort. This instrument is ideal for removing nasal secretions safely and easily.

What material are the scissors and nail clippers made of?

The scissors in the Nuvita baby grooming kit have a rounded tip to ensure maximum safety during use, and both accessories are made of hypoallergenic, nickel-free material to avoid unwanted reactions on a baby's sensitive skin.

What are the main features of the brush and comb?

The beauty set brush has natural wool bristles, which are soft and gentle on baby's skin, making it perfect for babies' first fine hair. The comb has an ergonomic shape that follows the natural curvature of the head, and the rounded tips are designed not to scratch the skin. It is also particularly useful in cases of milk crust, to gently remove sebum and scales after the oil pack.


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