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Digital soother thermometer - 2010

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  • Pacifier thermometer: useful for measuring babies' fever without disturbing their sleep or when they cry.
  • Acoustic end-of-measurement warning: no need to check the time, measurement is automatic and accurate.
  • BPA free.

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How does the Nuvita digital soother thermometer work?

The Nuvita digital soother thermometer is inserted into the baby's mouth like a dummy. The sensor inside the teat detects the actual oral temperature and the value appears on the thermometer display.

How long does it take to get an accurate measurement with the Nuvita digital soother thermometer?

The detection time with the Nuvita digital soother thermometer is 3 minutes. It is important to wait this period so that the sensor inside the teat can sense the actual oral temperature.

What is the advantage of using a soother thermometer to measure fever?

The Nuvita dummy thermometer is comforting and relaxing for the baby. It can help calm the heartbeat and create a more relaxed atmosphere during oral fever measurement.


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