Double electric breast pump - Materno Smart 1288M

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  • The only double electric breast pump with 3-phase technology and the exclusive "anti-stasis" draining function that prevents milk retention and the risk of engorgement and mastitis.
  • 9 intensity levels for each phase, 27 customisable programmes.
  • Soft silicone cup pad with massaging and stimulating petals.
  • Rechargeable lithium battery. Recharges in just 3 hours and allows up to 4 complete extraction cycles.
  • 150ml Nuvita anti-colic bottle included, the only AIO approved one.
  • Also works as a single breast pump.
  • Awarded as the best breastfeeding product.
  • Thanks to its superior power compared to other breast pumps in its category, it always guarantees perfect extraction.

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Materno Smart Double is the electric breast pump designed to support natural breastfeeding based on the different needs of every mother.

Materno Smart Double is the only electric breast pump with 3-phase technology and the exclusive "anti-stasis" draining function.

In the first stage, the breast pump mimics the baby's natural suckling with fast, shallow feeds to stimulate, in the second stage, they become slow and deep to encourage the outgoing flow of milk.

The third phase carries out an “anti-stasis” draining function, which can be selected at the end of the extraction, it serves to empty the lactiferous ducts well and avoid stagnation of milk which can cause breast engorgement or mastitis. This phase also helps to stimulate milk production, modulating it in a natural way.

With Materno Smart Double you can customize the massage and milk extraction by choosing from 9 intensity levels for each phase for a total of 27 customizable programs.

The cup with soft silicone cushion with massaging and stimulating petals favors the stimulation of the breast in a gentle way and ensures maximum comfort during pumping.

Using digital technology with touch keys, without crevices, the machine body is quick and easy to clean in every part for maximum convenience.

With the rechargeable lithium battery, you can perform up to 4 full draw cycles on 1 charge and the battery charges quickly in just 3 hours.

Materno Smart includes the Nuvita anti-colic bottle with valve on the bottom, more effective in preventing gaseous colic and with the teat approved by AIO - the Italian Dental Association.

Should your needs change, Materno Smart Double can also function as a single breast pump.

Recognized internationally as the best product for breastfeeding, Materno Smart with its superior power to other breastpumps in its category, always guarantees perfect pumping.

Materno Smart 1288M electric breast pump: main features

Frequent questions

What is the best breast pump of 2023?

Of all the electric breast pump models analysed, Nuvita Materno Smart Doppio is the only 3-phase breast pump that supports breastfeeding and helps prevent the risks of breast engorgement and mastitis.

It consists of a Nuvita Materno Smart 1287M single breast pump suitable for attaching one breast at a time and the Double expansion kit for use with both breasts at the same time.

How to avoid breast engorgement and mastitis?

Using a breast pump with an anti-stasis function such as the Nuvita Materno Smart Doppio it is possible to empty the breasts thoroughly, freeing the lactiferous ducts from stagnant milk.

What is the anti-stasis function of the Nuvita Materno Smart Double electric breast pump and how does it work?

The Nuvita Materno Smart Double electric breast pump imitates the baby's two natural sucking phases for delicate milk extraction. At the end of the operation, it is possible to select the anti-stasis function which helps to empty the udder of milk stagnations, preventing galactostasis and mammary blockages responsible for possible mastitis.

Why is the Nuvita Materno Smart Double electric breast pump more comfortable than other electric breast pumps?

The Nuvita Materno Smart Double electric breast pump is powered by a rechargeable lithium battery and can also be used without being connected to the mains. The keys are touch screen without slots and allow you to clean and sanitize the machine body of the breast pump.

How long does it take to recharge the battery of the Nuvita Materno Smart Double electric breast pump?

The Nuvita Materno Smart electric breast pump recharges in just 3 hours and allows you to carry out up to 4 complete pumping cycles.


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