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Electric nasal aspirator with rechargeable battery - 2150

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  • Clears the mucus-clogged nose without discomfort with fast, gentle and effective action.
  • ADJUSTABLE POWER, with 5 levels of suction intensity to avoid irritation and discomfort for the baby.
  • SUITABLE FOR ALL NEEDS thanks to 3 interchangeable soft silicone nozzles, useful for suctioning thick, superficial or deep mucus.
  • Hot-STERILISABLE components either in boiling water or with the steam steriliser for deep hygiene.
  • Equipped with a convenient and hygienic case to always have everything ready, clean and at hand.
  • RECHARGEABLE BATTERY for about 20 aspirations with ONE CHARGE.
  • 3 relaxing LULLABIES and LIGHTS that change colour automatically entertain the child during nasal suction.

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The portable electric nasal aspirator by Nuvita is the fast, painless, and above all effective solution to clear a blocked nose obstructed by mucus, an annoying problem that can affect the feeding, sleep, and overall well-being of young children.

The electric nasal aspirator for infants and children by Nuvita features 3 different soft silicone nozzles, interchangeable and with 3 different shapes to gently adhere to the nose and adapt to specific needs:

  • the larger nozzle for suctioning thick nasal mucus in infants and children
  • the pumpkin-shaped nozzle for suctioning superficial nasal mucus
  • the funnel-shaped nozzle for deep nasal mucus suction.

Equipped with 5 levels of suction intensity, the electric nasal aspirator for babies and children allows adjusting the power according to specific needs: from a simple cold to the most stubborn congestion without causing discomfort and without irritating the mucous membranes.

It is hygienic and easy to clean after each use, and the nasal tips and reservoir can be hot sterilized even using a steam sterilizer in case of bacterial and/or viral infections and when the children are very small.

The device also integrates 3 musical melodies and selectable colored light effects to entertain children in a fun way during suction; a fun way to involve even the youngest ones in nasal hygiene without stress.

The Nuvita electric nasal aspirator operates with a rechargeable battery and can perform about 20 aspirations with a single full charge.

Included with the device is a practical hard case to keep the nasal aspirator, all accessories, and the power cable clean and always within reach for recharging the battery when necessary.

Why choose the electric nasal aspirator?

  • Frees stuffy nose without discomfort
  • 5 levels of suction intensity
  • 3 nozzles for all needs
  • Heat sterilizable

Frequent questions

How does the Nuvita electric nasal aspirator work?

Nuvita's nasal aspirator works with an electric suction action that removes mucus from your baby's nose quickly and gently. It features 5 levels of suction intensity to adapt to different needs, without irritating the mucous membranes.

Is it safe to use the electric nasal aspirator on a newborn?

Yes, the Nuvita nasal aspirator is designed to be safe even for newborns. The soft silicone nozzles are gentle on baby's nose and do not cause discomfort. We recommend using the lowest suction level for newborns.

How do I clean the Nuvita electric nasal aspirator?

The vacuum cleaner is extremely easy to clean. Simply place the tip in hot water and turn on the device. The water will automatically clean the internal parts, which will be expelled from the spout. Additionally, you can sterilize the nozzles and mucus tank in boiling water or with a steam sterilizer for deeper hygiene.

How much autonomy does the electric nasal aspirator have with a full charge?

With a single full charge of the rechargeable battery, you can perform approximately 20 aspirations. This ensures prolonged use without the need for frequent charging.

Up to what age can the Nuvita nasal aspirator be used?

Thanks to the 3 different silicone nozzles designed to adapt to the child's nose, the Nuvita nasal aspirator can be used from birth to 12 years, following the child's growth and adapting to his needs at different stages of development.

Is it necessary to sterilize the electric nasal aspirator frequently?

We recommend sterilizing the nozzles and mucus tank in boiling water or with a steam sterilizer especially in case of bacterial or viral infections, or when using the aspirator on very young children to ensure optimal hygiene.

What is the difference between an electric nasal aspirator and a manual one?

Unlike manual aspirators that require the physical action of suction through the mouth, Nuvita's electric nasal aspirator uses an electric motor to suck mucus from your baby's nose. This method is faster, more effective and less invasive, ensuring a more comfortable experience for the child.


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