Microwave sterilizer for baby bottles - Stericompact 1085

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  • Holds up to 3 large baby bottles and all accessories.
  • Compact size: suitable for even the smallest microwave ovens.
  • Fast steam sterilisation: 2 to 4 minutes depending on oven power.
  • Anti-scald side handles.
  • Drip function: in the vertical position, open the rear hole to drip all sterilised items.

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What are the sizes of the Stericompact Nuvita microwave steriliser?

The Nuvita Stericompact microwave steriliser has small dimensions of 25x21.5x12.5 cm. These dimensions allow it to be used with all microwave oven models, including the smallest ones. It is convenient to use both at home and as a portable steriliser while travelling.

How much storage capacity does the Nuvita Stericompact microwave steriliser have?

The Nuvita Stericompact microwave steriliser can hold up to 3 wide-necked bottles and accessories. It is designed to sterilise whatever a baby needs in the first months of life.

How long does the Stericompact microwave steriliser take to sterilise?

The sterilisation time depends on the power of the microwave oven used. For microwave ovens with a power rating of 1850 Watt and above, the sterilisation time is 2 minutes. For microwave ovens with a power rating of 800 to 1100 Watts, the sterilisation time is 4 minutes.

How does sterilisation work with the Nuvita Stericompact microwave steriliser?

The Nuvita Stericompact microwave steriliser uses steam sterilisation to eliminate germs. The high-temperature steam generated by the water inside the device eliminates 99.99% of germs and bacteria without the use of chemicals.


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