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Warm'n'Go universal portable bottle warmer - 1162

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  • Suitable for heating breast milk, water or formula wherever you are.
  • Rapid heating in just 4 minutes.
  • Maintains temperature for up to 8 hours.
  • 4 temperature settings: 37°C, 40°C, 45°C or 50°C.
  • Anti-drip hermetic closure to prevent spills during transport.
  • Heats up to 8 bottles with a single refill.
  • Compatible with the world's best-selling bottle brands thanks to the adapters included in the package.
  • Rechargeable battery with USB cable (adapter not included in the package).
  • Sterilisable using the Melly Plus UV steriliser.

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The Nuvita Warm'n'Go portable bottle warmer is a solution designed to simplify the lives of parents who need to heat bottles when they are away from home.

In fact, the Warm'n'Go portable bottle warmer allows you to heat breast milk, water or powdered milk anywhere and at any time, in total comfort.

Thanks to its small size and the possibility of being used without connecting to a power outlet, Warm'n'Go is convenient to carry in your bag and use when travelling.

Quickly heats the bottle in just 4 minutes and you can choose between 4 different temperature settings:

  • 37°C
  • 40°C
  • 45°C
  • 50°C

Maintaining the temperature for up to 8 hours, the portable bottle warmer is also very useful at home for all mothers and fathers who breastfeed with formula milk, especially for night feedings. Thanks to the Warm'n'Go portable bottle warmer, you will always have hot water ready at the right temperature on your bedside table, without having to wait for heating times.

The battery allows up to 8 heating cycles with a single full charge: this feature makes it one of the portable bottle warmers with the longest operating autonomy available on the market.
While travelling, you can recharge the battery with a simple power bank; and if the charge is at least 20% of its capacity, you can heat the bottle while the battery is still charging.

The Nuvita travel bottle warmer features an airtight, leak-proof seal that prevents any milk spillage during transportation.

Universal solution compatible with all the most popular models and brands of baby bottles in the world, thanks to the adapters already included in the package.

Warm breast milk, water or formula anywhere, anytime

Why choose the Warm'n'Go portable bottle warmer?

  • Quick heating in 4 minutes
  • Maintains temperature
  • 4 temperatures settings
  • Up to 8baby bottles with a charge
  • *120ml baby bottles from 20°C to 37°C

Frequent asked questions

How do I check the battery level?

By briefly pressing the power button, the display will show the current battery level.

In which cases can the battery discharge more quickly?

Battery life may vary depending on various factors such as the amount of milk heated and the initial temperature. Heating larger quantities of milk or starting from colder temperatures can use more energy.

How long does it take to fully charge the bottle warmer?

Full charging time is between 4 and 6 hours, depending on the initial state of the battery and the type of power supply used. The device can also be used with a charge above 40%.

What specifications must the charging power supply have?

The power supply must have an output power of 5V and 2A (10 Watt). Power supplies with different specifications are not suitable for correct charging of the battery. For example, a power supply with higher volts can short circuit the battery, while power supplies with lower volts take many more hours to reach 100% battery.

Why is the maximum temperature limited to 50°C?

The maximum temperature of 50°C is a European safety standard for portable bottle warmers. This limit protects against overheating and complies with safety regulations for devices intended for use with children's food. To sterilize powdered milk, it is recommended to prepare the bottle before leaving home.

How much milk can you heat in 4 minutes?

In 4 minutes the device heats 120 ml of milk at room temperature (20°C) bringing it to 37°C. The heating time can vary depending on the quantity of milk, the initial temperature of the liquid and the temperature that is set (to heat up to 50°C the time is obviously longer), but also depending on the type of bottle used and the environmental temperature in which you are located. [example: if you are in the mountains in the middle of winter it will take longer to heat the milk than if you are on the beach in the middle of summer]

Why doesn't the milk seem warm enough?

Milk at 37°C is lukewarm, suitable for immediate consumption. When heating quantities larger than 120 ml, it is advisable to shake the device a few times during heating to distribute the heat evenly.

Is it possible to keep breast milk at temperature?

For breast milk it is recommended not to remain warm for more than 30 minutes. Always consult a pediatrician for advice on appropriate nutrition and temperatures.

How many ml of milk can it heat? Does it heat 360ml bottles?

The device is optimized to heat up to 240 ml, therefore longer heating times will be necessary for larger quantities.

Does the milk come into direct contact with the heating plate?

Yes, the product is designed so that the milk comes into contact with the heating plate. The product is equipped with a lid to keep the plate clean while on the move.

How do I know which adapter to use with my bottle?

Each adapter is marked with specific letters or symbols that correspond to different brands or models of bottles. Here are some examples of compatibility: - AV: For Avent, Goodbaby and Chicco Perfect 5 bottles. - BK: For Dr. Brown's Natural Flow and Medela bottles. - MM: For MAM bottles. - SV: For Suavinex bottles.

Is the Nuvita 1162 bottle warmer compatible with Chicco bottles?

Yes, the Nuvita 1162 is compatible with Chicco bottle models, in particular with Chicco Original Touch and Chicco Perfect 5, using the adapter marked "AV".

Can adapters be purchased separately if lost or damaged?

Yes, adapters for the Nuvita 1162 Portable Bottle Warmer can be purchased separately from authorized retailers. This ensures that the device can continue to be used even if the original adapters are lost or damaged.

How to clean the bottle warmer?

To clean, remove the gasket and wash it with soap and water. The plate can be cleaned with a damp cloth. Use warm water in a bottle attached to the device to clean internally.

Is it possible to sterilize the 1162 Nuvita Warm'n'go portable bottle warmer?

It is possible to sterilize the Nuvita 1162 portable bottle dispenser using the Nuvita MellyPlus 1556 portable UV steriliser.


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