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  • FOR PREGNANCY: the only scale for monitoring the future mother's good health from pregnancy onwards.
  • FOR THE BABY: monitors the growth of the baby from birth by checking weight and height.
  • FOR THE POST-BIRTH: helps to control the return to the ideal weight after delivery.
  • FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY: each member can create a personal profile on the app to monitor their weight.
  • Thanks to the integrated artificial intelligence, it records and analyzes weight and height data via the dedicated app, comparing them with certified medical parameters and reporting useful information on health status.
  • 2 levels of detection for maximum accuracy: 5g intervals for weight under 30kg and 100g intervals for weight up to 150kg.

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PrimiPesi Mum & Baby is the new smart scale from Nuvita, designed to monitor the mother's weight before and after giving birth and the baby's development from birth via App.

The PrimiPesi Mum & Baby intelligent scale uses advanced artificial intelligence algorithms to guarantee the well-being of both the future mother and the baby: by connecting to certified medical information , it records and analyzes data such as weight and height, offering a snapshot of the state of health that is useful for both to the pediatrician and the family doctor.

Thanks to the integration with Artificial Intelligence, PrimiPesi Mum & Baby is much more than a simple digital bathroom scale, as:

  • During pregnancy: record each weight measurement on the phone app and, cross-referencing the data with the BMI (Body Mass Index), ethnicity and the recommendations of the MSD Manuals ( the worldwide reference for medical information for health professionals) for each trimester, helps to control the correct weight gain during pregnancy and provides valuable advice for improving one's diet or lifestyle.
  • For the child: starting from birth, the Nuvita baby scale records every weight and height measurement on the phone app, comparing the data with the reference percentiles and reporting any variations compared to the ideal growth parameters.
  • After giving birth: the bluetooth scale continues to monitor the mother's weight, supporting the return to ideal weight in a healthy and natural way.
  • For the whole family: both the scale and the App allow the management of multiple profiles, so that each user has access to their own data history and can monitor their progress. Therefore a useful device for all members of the family!

Thanks to the double detection level ( 5g intervals for weights less than 30kg and 100g intervals for weights up to 150kg) it will be possible to use the scale always obtaining accurate data . A particularly useful function for weighing newborns first and after feeding in case of controlled feeding.

Furthermore, the "tare" function allows you to exclude the weight of the towel or diaper, while the "weight lock" function guarantees precise measurements even when the child is not standing still during the weight measurement.

Finally, the space-saving removable tray allows you to transform the baby scale into an adult scale in just a few minutes and transport it anywhere with great ease.

Technical features of the Nuvita smart scale:

  • App available for iOS and Android systems
  • Capacity: 0.03kg - 150kg or 1oz - 330lbs
  • Selectable measurement unit: kg or lb
  • Minimum unit of measurement: 5g or ¼oz
  • Power supply: 3x AAA batteries (1.5V)

A health assistant at your fingertips

Thanks to the integration with Artificial Intelligence , PrimiPesi Mum & Baby goes far beyond simple weighing, as it monitors via the Nuvita Mum & Baby App the mother's pre- and post-natal weight and the baby's development, comparing it with the parameters of the MSD Manuals - a worldwide reference for medical information for healthcare professionals.

Why choose the PrimiPesi Mum & Baby smart scale?

  • Check the good health of the expectant mother starting from pregnancy
  • Monitor your baby's growth from birth
  • Record and analyze data via app
  • It provides useful information on the health status of the whole family

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Frequent questions

How does the PrimiPesi Mum & Baby scale work?

The PrimiPesi Mum & Baby scale uses artificial intelligence to monitor the mother's weight before and after giving birth, along with the baby's development from birth. Connected via the App, it records and analyzes weight and height data, providing a precise overview of the health status of both mother and child.

What are the advantages of using the PrimiPesi Mum & Baby scale during pregnancy?

During pregnancy, the scale monitors the mother's weight and provides a comparison with the guidelines for ideal weight gain. Furthermore, it offers you valuable advice to improve your diet or lifestyle, thus contributing to a healthier pregnancy.

What does the Nuvita Mum & Baby App allow me to do?

The Nuvita Mum & Baby App allows you to:

    - View and track your weight over time
      - Set reminders for measurements
        - Share data with your doctor or pediatrician
          - Keep track of your child's height
            - Access advice on breastfeeding, weaning and other valuable resources.

How many people can use the PrimiPesi Mum & Baby scale?

The scale is designed for the whole family. Both the scale and the app allow the management of multiple profiles, so each family member can have access to their data history and monitor their progress.

What is the maximum weight that the PrimiPesi Mum & Baby scale can detect?

The scale can measure the weight of children and adults up to 150 kg, always guaranteeing accurate data thanks to the double detection level: 5g for weights less than 30kg and 100g for weights greater than 30kg.

Where can I download the Nuvita Mum & Baby to connect the scale?

The Nuvita Mum & Baby App is available for iOS and Android systems and can be downloaded from both the Apple App Store and Google Play.


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