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Food Processor and Bottle Warmer - Pappasana Vapor Combo 2 1966

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  • 6-in-1: Steam cooks, chops and blends, homogenises, defrosts, steam sterilises and warms up baby bottles and jars.
  • Special blade shape to homogenise without air bubbles and avoid gassy colic.
  • Cook & Blend function: automatically transforms the food into a nice creamy dish at the end of cooking.
  • Bottle warmer function: defrosts and warms up in a bath of water, suitable for breast milk.
  • Digital display: intuitive and easy to use.
  • Ceramic water tank for quick and easy cleaning of any limescale deposits.
  • Lid for steam sterilising feeding bottles, teats, soothers or breast pump accessories.

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Pappasana Vapor Combo 2 is Nuvita's 6-in-1 food processor and bottle warmer that steams, chops and blends, homogenizes, defrosts, steam sterilizes and warms bottles and jars.

Small, space-saving and useful over time, starting from birth until the child can eat the same menu as the whole family.

Initially, during breastfeeding, the bottle warmer function allows the mother's milk to be thawed and heated with water in a "bain-marie", preserving its nutritional principles.

Using the special lid supplied, it is possible to steam sterilize bottles, teats, pacifiers or breast pump accessories.

During the weaning period, the Nuvita food processor is useful for chopping, blending, homogenizing and cooking fruit, vegetables, meat and fish.

The digital display of the baby food cooker is very intuitive and allows you to choose the type of program by simply holding down the respective icon or to set cooking times from 5 to 30 minutes.

The "Cook & Blend" function is ideal for preparing baby food while saving time, in fact just insert the ingredients in small pieces, activate the function and at the end of cooking the food will be automatically transformed into a nice creamy dish ready to be enjoyed.

The special shape of the steel blades, positioned at two different heights and with a curved section, homogenizes the ingredients without forming air bubbles, an important precaution to avoid the risk of gaseous colic.

Thanks to the ceramic water tank, it is quick and easy to remove any limescale deposits for maximum cleaning.

Frequent asked questions

Why is it useful to buy a food processor?

The food processor could be considered as a small appliance that you can do without if you already have an appliance in your home that cooks, blends and minces for the rest of the family.

In reality, if you choose a complete multifunctional baby food cooker, you can make life a lot easier when dealing with a baby by considering the various needs: heating baby bottles - quickly sterilizing a few accessories - blending fresh fruit - steaming small quantities of fish, meat, vegetables for baby food -prepare small quantities of broth-homogenize.

If we imagine that all these functions can be performed by a single appliance that takes up little space in the kitchen and above all is very easy to clean, it is easy to imagine how useful a multifunctional food processor such as Nuvita PappaSana is.

What characteristics must a good food processor have?

To choose a food processor it is important to take these characteristics into consideration: the size of the appliance, so that it takes up little space in the kitchen, if it can be used for other uses, not just for preparing/cooking baby food - if the parts in contact with food, there are few units and they can be easily disassembled for cleaning - if the spare parts that wear out are always available and retrievable - if it has functions, they are automatic, such as the very convenient "cook &blend" function that saves time - if it is easy for everyone to use without having to read the instructions.

How does the "Cook & Blend" function work?

The "Cook & Blend" function allows you to prepare creamy baby food quickly: just insert the ingredients in small pieces, activate the function and at the end of cooking the food will be automatically transformed into a creamy baby food ready to be enjoyed.

How does the steam sterilization function work?

Using the special lid supplied, it is possible to steam sterilize bottles, teats, soothers or breast pump accessories.

Why is it convenient for mom and dad to have a food processor?

The food processor is a small appliance of great help for parents during weaning because they can prepare healthy baby food at home to feed the baby with fresh ingredients without opting for industrial preparations.

A small appliance, dedicated only to the preparation of the child's meals which obviously include quantities of food per portion, is more comfortable and easier to clean than using a classic "children" or another food processor.

With a steam cooker you can prepare healthy and nutritious baby food being able, for example, to choose organic or zero-kilometre fruit and vegetables to be sure that they are at the right point of ripeness and therefore richer in mineral salts and vitamins or always prepare homogenized meat and fish fresh.

Being able to prepare fresh baby food every day is certainly healthier than homogenized or industrial freeze-dried preparation.


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