Single electric breast pump - Materno Go 1282M

Single electric breast pump - Materno Go 1282M

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  • Easy to use: 2 extraction modes and 9 intensity levels to choose the most comfortable programme.
  • 2-stage technology: mimics the natural sucking rhythm of the newborn and helps stimulate the production of breast milk.
  • Cup with soft silicone pad: massaging and stimulating petals during extraction.
  • Digital technology with touch buttons.
  • Rechargeable lithium battery. Recharges in just 3 hours and allows up to 5 complete extraction cycles.
  • 150ml Nuvita anti-colic feeding bottle included: the only one with the valve at the bottom that is effective against gaseous colic and otitis and approved by AIO- Associazione Italiana Odontoriatri to support the natural development of the mouth and teeth.

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Materno Go is Nuvita's comfortable, easy-to-use, compact and discreet 2-stage single electric breast pump, ideal for use at home or away from home.

Designed to mimic the baby's natural sucking rhythm, it uses 2-phase technology:

1st PHASE: massage and quick, shallow feeds to stimulate.

2nd PHASE: extraction with slow, deep feeds to encourage more milk flow.

Each phase of the Nuvita Materno Go breast pump has 2 suction modes and 9 intensity levels, so you can adjust the extraction to your liking and avoid feelings of discomfort or pain.

The soft silicone cup with massaging and stimulating petals promotes gentle breast stimulation and ensures maximum comfort during extraction.

Using digital touch button technology with no slits, the body of our Nuvita electric breast pump is quick and easy to clean throughout for maximum convenience.

With rechargeable lithium-ion battery and USB adapter included. The breast pump recharges quickly in just 3 hours and allows up to 5 complete pumping cycles.

The 150ml Nuvita anti-colic bottle is included in the package: the only one approved by the Italian Dental Association (AIO) that does not interfere with the natural development of the teeth and palate.

Materno Go electric breast pump: main features


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