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Oral hygiene of the newborn from birth to the first tooth

When one speaks of baby care and hygiene, one always and primarily thinks of bathing, caring for the baby's delicate skin and first hair, and of body parts such as the ears and nose, which must always be kept free and clean.

Is the soother good or bad for my baby?

The dummy is always a much-debated topic in the medical field, both by paediatricians and dentists, who agree, however, on the positive aspects of using it correctly and without abusing it, after initiating and consolidating breastfeeding.

Teething and oral hygiene

The formation of teeth already occurs in the foetus around the mother's third month of pregnancy, but it is only around 6-8 months of the child's life that the first milk teeth, also called 'deciduous' teeth because they are destined to fall out and be replaced by permanent ones.


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