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Thermal gel breast pads - 1256

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  • Useful for breast compresses: promotes breastfeeding and provides relief.
  • Dual use: hot or cold therapy.
  • Hot use: to promote milk flow before feeding or to relieve engorgement.
  • Cold or super-cold use: to relieve breast tension redness swelling.
  • Reusable every time.

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Can I use Nuvita breast pads both hot and cold?

Yes, Nuvita breast pads can be used either hot or cold. You can choose the use that best suits your needs, either to stimulate the flow of milk before feeding or to relieve breast pain.

Why use Nuvita hot breast pads?

The Nuvita breast heating pads are useful for stimulating milk flow before feeding or before using a breast pump. The heat helps to dilate the galactophore ducts and promotes better milk flow during breastfeeding or breast pump extraction.

What are the benefits of using Nuvita cold breast pads?

Cold use of Nuvita's thermal breast pads can help relieve breast pain, breast tension or provide relief for irritated breasts. The cold can help reduce inflammation and swelling, providing a feeling of refreshing relief.


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