Pillowcase for baby chair compatible with DreamWizard pillow - 7104

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  • Cover for baby chair/baby nest, compatible with Pregnancy and nursing pillow DreamWizard
  • Material: 100% chenille (polyester); hypoallergenic and breathable.
  • Equipped with elastic band, easy and quick to insert.
  • Machine washable at 30°C.

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Federa per poltroncina/nido bebè, compatibile con il cuscino gravidanza e allattamento DreamWizard 7100 e 7200.

Realizzata in 100% ciniglia, un materiale a base poliestere ipoallergenico e traspirante. La nostra federa è dotata di elastico, che la rende facile e veloce da posizionare ed è lavabile in lavatrice a 30°C.

Frequent questions

How do I place the cover on the cushion to transform it into a nest for my baby?

To place the cover on the Dreamwizard pregnancy pillow and transform it into a comfortable nest for the baby, follow these simple steps:
    1. Take the pregnancy pillow and position it to form a circle, knotting the ends.
      2. Fold the back support and place it in the middle, in order to create a soft support for your baby
        3. Take the chenille cover and gently spread the elastic band on the top of the pregnancy pillow so that the cover fits snugly over the pillow. Then do the same with the lower part, so that the pillow is completely covered.
          4. Once you have adhered the cover, place the pillow wherever you like and have your baby lie down in the centre. Make sure the pillow is placed on a large, secure footing to prevent it from tipping over.

          Always remember to supervise the baby while in the nest and to remove any accessories from the vicinity that could be dangerous.


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