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5 interesting facts about breastfeeding

5 interesting facts about breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is cheap

Did you know that by breastfeeding you can save up to 200 Euros a month?

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Breastfeeding helps you lose weight

Breastfeeding makes you lose the extra pounds gained during pregnancy more quickly. In fact, in order to produce the milk needed to feed the baby, the mother consumes about 700 Kcal a day; the equivalent of the energy that would be consumed pedaling for one hour at a speed of 30 km/h. Who would have thought!

Breastfeeding promotes the development of a bright mind in your baby

The reasons are not yet fully known but it seems that there are studies which confirm that the presence of polyunsaturated fatty acids in mother's milk and the co-presence of a growth factor with a direct effect on the development of the nervous system are responsible for a better IQ.

Eating a varied diet while breastfeeding helps grow a foodie

If the mother eats a little of all the milk, it takes on an ever-changing smell and taste and in this way the baby will get used to the new flavors that he will then find in solid foods starting from the sixth month. It therefore helps the baby to develop his sense of taste by promoting a healthy relationship with food also for his future.

Breastfeeding allows your baby to choose dessert every day

When the baby spontaneously detaches from one breast, to understand if he has completed the meal, the mother normally checks that he does not want to attach to the other breast as well. Breast milk does not always have the same composition: at the beginning of the feed there are more sugars and proteins, while the last few sucks contain milk with a higher fat content. If he chooses to attach to the second breast as well, he will have decided that his after-meal will be as sweet as a dessert!


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