Christmas gift ideas 2023: guide to choosing original and useful Christmas gifts

Christmas gift ideas 2023: guide to choosing original and useful Christmas gifts

20 Christmas gift ideas for pregnant mothers, new mothers, new parents, newborns and small children starting from 6.99 Euros

Christmas is approaching and the annual gift rush begins! Finding the perfect gift for the people we love can be stressful, but with a little creativity and planning, meaningful and affordable gifts can be found. Here are some Christmas gift ideas that can inspire and help in finding the perfect Christmas gift idea; suggestions suitable for all budgets, original and non-trivial, which convey affection to loved ones. We hope that these ideas can be of help and inspiration to you and... happy searching for the perfect Christmas gift idea!

Christmas gift idea for the pregnant woman: a magical pillow to sleep well with her belly


There is no better gift that can be given to the expectant mother: a pregnancy pillow to sleep well with your baby bump! After the 5th month it is often difficult to fall asleep because the baby moves as soon as you lie down, the belly begins to feel bulky, you often have back pain and the legs and feet are swollen... the night is a continuous awakening and you can't find the right position in bed. Giving beautiful dreams and regenerating rest is possible with the DreamWizard Memory 3D pillow, in memory foam flakes. It relaxes the back and all contractures, supports the belly with a soft embrace and ensures perfect sleep. DreamWizard Memory 3D is a valid Christmas gift idea for the future mother! If the mother rests well, the little one also relaxes and both of them will arrive at the big day of birth rested and full of energy!

Discover DreamWizard for €99.99


Christmas gift idea for the new mother: the breast pump that helps breastfeeding




Breastfeeding is health and magic, both for the mother and for the newborn but... it is also very challenging for many different and always valid reasons. The mother who breastfeeds usually has little time to carve out a few hours for herself. An always useful gift idea is a breast pump combined with a special bottle that helps the breast-bottle alternation so as not to wean the little one off from natural feeding. The mother will be able to go out for a relaxing dinner with her partner or for a few hours of shopping or to the gym, and the baby can also be breast-fed with breast milk by grandparents, uncles or a best friend. Not only that, sometimes at night the father will be able to take care of the night feeding, leaving the mother free to sleep and rest. The Nuvita Materno electric breast pump is the only one with the anti-stasis function which helps prevent breast engorgement and mastitis and the Materno Feel bottle has a teat approved by the Italian Dental Association.

Discover Maternal Electric Breast Pump for 99.99 Euros


Christmas gift idea for new parents: a breastfeeding pillow for two



Mums use it to breastfeed but dads also use it to bottle feed; Furthermore, the Feedfriend breastfeeding pillow is super comfortable for holding the little one while sitting on the sofa or for supporting the little one in the tummy time position for psychomotor development. This is why it can be a valid Christmas gift for a pregnant woman and a useful gift for a newborn. Padded with EPS microspheres, it is breathable, hypoallergenic, machine washable and dries quickly.

Discover Feedfriend, the breastfeeding pillow for 44.99 euros


The Christmas gift for the baby from 3 months onwards: his first electric toothbrush



Many people don't know that one of the most useful gifts that can be given to a small child is the electric toothbrush for perfect oral hygiene and to help the gums stay healthy in anticipation of the appearance of the first teeth. Using an electric toothbrush like Sonic Clean & Care with Sonic® technology right away is the only way to prevent decay of milk and permanent teeth. AIO approved - Italian Association of Dentists for the hygiene of the oral cavity, gums and teeth. The only one for newborns from 3 months up to 5 years of age. A very useful Christmas gift idea!

You can find the Electric Toothbrush for 24.99 Euros


The Christmas gift for the newborn: his first beauty set


It is the most refined beauty case both for newborns but also for older children, from 6 months onwards. A case with saffiano-effect eco-leather handle with transparent details. It has organized spaces for each accessory, it opens completely to always have everything at hand. It contains everything you need for everyday care and hygiene: the brush with delicate pure natural wool bristles, the comb with ergonomic shape and rounded tips, nasal aspirator, scissors and nail clippers in hypoallergenic stainless steel. Also, a thermometer with a flexible tip. Ideal to keep in the bathroom but also very convenient to use when traveling and on holiday. Perfect as a gift for newborns!

You can find the Beauty Set for baby care at 29.99 Euros


The Christmas gift for the green mother: the baby food cooker to make baby food at home



If you are looking for a multifunctional Christmas gift idea, PappaSana Vapor Combo is the 6-in-1 baby food cooker that steams, chops, blends, homogenizes, defrosts, heats and sterilizes baby bottles and jars. A small appliance that really helps the mother in preparing the baby's meals throughout the day: from the baby's bottle to the first baby food, from vegetable baby food to meat, fish and fruit. A single appliance with many features, easy to use and clean, convenient to use every day to always prepare fresh and healthy meals for the baby.

Discover PappaSana Vapor Combo for 119.99 Euros


The humidifier that creates pure air in your home to breathe better



In the winter period, with the heating on, it often happens that the presence of humidity in the rooms of the house is significantly reduced. Headache, sore throat, dryness of the respiratory tract and mucous membranes, allergy due to raised dust and obstruction of the nasal passages are some of the symptoms linked to the correct humidity of the environments. Especially in the bedroom, breathing air that is too full of humidity or, on the contrary, too dry during the night does not promote the peaceful and regenerating sleep that is also essential for strengthening the immune defenses of the whole family. The AriaSana3 cold humidifier with silver ion technology humidifies and purifies the air throughout the house, making it healthier, improving the breathing, well-being and relaxation of adults and children

Discover the humidifier at 74.99 Euros


A sterilizer that fits in the bag 


MellyPlus is the small and compact portable UV sterilizer, convenient to keep in your bag to always have it within reach when you are away from home. In just 2 minutes it eliminates 99.99% of germs and bacteria from the pacifier, the bottle teat, the teether... anything that can fall to the floor. UV technology sterilizes, eliminating germs and bacteria in just 2 minutes.

Discover MellyPlus starting from 14.99 Euros


The video baby monitor that reassures mum and dad 



A video baby monitor is the perfect accessory to give parents the peace of mind and security of monitoring their baby from anywhere in the house while he sleeps or plays in his bedroom. Nothing more comfortable than enjoying a film on the sofa or the company of guests at dinner without having to constantly move to monitor your baby's sleep. The webcam is adjustable and thanks to the large color display and infrared night vision, visibility is clear and perfect both day and night with the lights off in the bedroom. It has a range of 300 m, also suitable for large or two-storey houses. 4 lullabies help put the little one to sleep and the room temperature control warns if the climate of the bedroom is optimal for good sleep and rest of the newborn or child.

Discover the video baby monitor for 159.00 Euros


Plush dolls in natural anti-bacterial fabric: a perfect gift for newborns and for mothers




 Dudini are the first line of soft toys in natural antibacterial fabric. The only ones that are always 100% hygienic, treated with Phytoncide extracted from plants. They do not carry germs or bacteria in the crib or bed and can be washed in the washing machine many times without losing their natural antibacterial properties. Suitable for retaining the scent of the mother's skin to make the newborn sleep more peacefully and relaxed; just keep the toy in bed during the last month of pregnancy before giving birth.

Discover all the Dudini models at Euro 16.99


A truly special stroller bag



MyMia Bag is the mother's bag made of XL Extralite antibacterial rubberized material, so the contents are always protected and isolated from the outside. It is completely washable whenever you want to always have the certainty of hygiene even when traveling on public transport or placing it on the ground. The interior is super organized to have everything in its place, in order and easily accessible. The only stroller bag that can be reused over time: just remove or change the internal container to transform it into a travel bag, a bag for the beach, for shopping or for free time. It adapts to every pram and stroller model and the coordinated nappy changing mat is included. Waterproof, hygienic, anti-microbial, washable: no mother bag is like Mymia. It can also be attached to the stroller as a convenient top case; a practical solution to always have with you everything you need when away from home with a small child.

Discover all the color combinations of MyMia at 79.99 Euros


The sleeping bag for peaceful nights for children and parents



The perfect solution to ensure a peaceful sleep for children aged 0 to 4 years is to make them sleep with a sleeping bag . Suggested by the best infant sleep experts, the sleeping bag always maintains the body temperature much better than any sheet or blanket, prevents the child from uncovering himself, leaving him free to move and helps reduce night-time awakenings. The Moovo Dreams sleeping bags are made of very soft 100% natural organic cotton with interlock weaving and have soft recycled PET padding, breathable and hypoallergenic. An extraordinary enveloping cuddle to accompany only beautiful dreams for the little ones and relaxed nights for the parents. Also very convenient for quickly changing nappies during the night.

Discover sleeping bag for 49.99 Euros

Discover sleeping bag with feet for 59.99 Euros


A gum massager that takes care of oral hygiene



It simultaneously massages and cleans the gums, alleviating discomfort during the development of teeth. Also effective in the back of the mouth, the innovative 3D "S" structure effectively cleans both the gums and the first teeth right when the baby starts eating his first baby food. It has different surfaces and thicknesses in soft rubber to bite with satisfaction for a variable intensity massage useful to also promote the correct development of chewing. It will become his favorite toy to chew with satisfaction.

Discover the gum massager for Euro 6.99


A backpack to discover the world



To develop his autonomy, the backpack is the first accessory to contain his things when he is away from home: his favorite toy, a snack, a hat, a bottle with water to drink. Also fantastic for going to nursery or nursery school, the one from the KiddieKit line is made of sturdy and water-resistant material, has a large opening convenient for seeing the inside, has padded shoulder straps and an adjustable chest strap for greater comfort . The front pocket is in the shape of a puppy's face such as a bunny, cat, teddy bear, fox, with a three-dimensional effect.

Discover all the KiddieKit backpack models starting from 19.99 Euros



The little night light that makes the fear of the dark go away


When it's bedtime and the lights go out, to chase away the fear of the dark and watch over the children's dreams, there are small animals that illuminate with a tender, delicate light. They will become bedtime friends who can also be the protagonists of the fairy tales created by mum and dad to put their puppy to sleep.

Discover the night lights for 9.99 euros



A soft blanket that embraces warmth 


How convenient are covers to protect little ones, but how difficult it is to keep them still in the stroller or cover the little one well when held in your arms! Everything is simpler if the cover has legs and a hood and if it can be fixed to the side with a convenient Velcro. Here the child is always wrapped in a warm and soft embrace that protects him from the cold. Perfect for many occasions of use both at home and outside.

Discover Cuddle for Euro 49.99



The baby food set that helps you learn to eat and drink on your own



The period of the first meals is a breath of joy in the house and what a satisfaction it is to see children curious about learning to eat on their own! The perfect baby food set includes:

  • the plate with hot water tank so the food doesn't get cold, the anti-splash edges and the anti-slip bottom
  • the cup has a soft spout and side handles, easy to grasp
  • the spoon has a soft silicone tip and a non-slip handle.

Perfect for weaning from 6 months

Discover the baby food set for €14.99



The gift card of wishes


How many times before giving a gift to a future mother or to a young couple expecting their first child or to a new mother or new parents do we find ourselves thinking: “ I wonder if she already has it! Have they already given it to him? Did they put him on the birth list? ... In this case the solution is to give a Gift Card to exactly fulfill the wishes of the person receiving it!

If it is possible to choose a Gift Card of different values, then it is even easier to make personal gifts or group gifts.

Nuvita Gift Card starting from 50 Euros up to 500 Euros


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